Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the enhancement of a web site to increase the site’s search engine ranking. The goal of an SEO is to push a site up to page one or page two of search results on the most popular search engines.

The first steps involve a manual process of reviewing each page’s title, meta tags, photograph descriptions (called alt tags), file names, and most importantly, the text on each page. It also involves a review of links to the site and the potential to increase those links, including best practices with social media. After the first review, the site is then checked using an online service that compares keywords used on your site with those words used by search engine users to find similar sites. e.g. if users tend to use the search term “motels in nova scotia”, then that term should be given priority on your site – rather than” accommodations in nova scotia.”

The improved site is then submitted to major search engines. Higher search rankings should be seen within one week to two months.

The cost of an SEO and search engine submission of a site is Cdn$65.00/hour and typically costs between $195 and $585.

Each search company uses various criteria for ranking web sites. WHATASITE.COM can not guarantee an excellent ranking with any particular search engine. If you have any questions about SEO and site submissions, please write or call 902.497.6599 (in Metro Halifax) or toll-free at 800.344.2824 (in Continental North America.)